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A Unique Personalized Expierence

What makes me different?


My background as a radio DJ at the top radio stations in San Diego and as a TV Weatherman at 10 News & CW 6, has helped me present a more polished fun upbeat presentation at my weddings.  It’s simple, I make a difference by being different.  I’ve found my clients know the importance of great music and that’s where I come in.  I provide the fun at your wedding and it's all tied to GREAT MUSIC.



I leave nothing up to chance.  A little pre-planning will put us on the same page.  In advance of your wedding, I will know the exact music you like and don’t like.  I’m an excellent DJ, but a horrible mind reader.  I need your help!  It's pretty simple...  I play the music my clients love and hopefully, they will love me too!


How does it work?


I give you the tools to choose your favorite music while coaching you on what works well musically and what doesn't.  I'll help you with the timeline.  All of these details are done in advance so the two of you can enjoy every moment of your wedding.  If you have a wedding coordinator, which I highly recommend, we will work together to ensure your wedding is the magical evening you and your guests will rave about for years to come.

I’ll help you ask the right questions and together we will make your wedding magical.  My goal is to give you a wedding you will be proud of and great memories that last a lifetime.


Congratulations on your journey.  I hope I’m part of your consideration as your wedding DJ.




Gary Kelley

Top 5% or San Diego Wedding DJs

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